How to know if your boyfriend cheats on you

Having a guy is cool and interesting, but all this can easily turn into an emotional breakdown if he suddenly starts behaving strangely. Perhaps he has problems with trust or he wants to keep his personal space. And also he may cheat on you as well. Fortunately, there are several ways to discover the truth. For example, if you notice that he begins to avoid eye contact or does not answer certain phone calls when you are near. Having identified the signs, you can solve the problem as quickly as possible and save your relationships and even future marriage. So, what should you know to answer the question «is my boyfriend cheating on me?»

my boyfriend is cheating on me

Signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you

  1. He behaves strangely in your company.
  2. He avoids eye contact.
  3. He discusses other girls in your presence more and more often.
  4. He spends less time with you and more time «at work».
  5. When you talk on the phone, he answers that he is busy. When you call back, you hear short beeps.
  6. He does not call you and talk to you less and less.
  7. He has different interpretations of the same situation.
  8. He got used to saying how great it was to meet other girls before you.
  9. He got a sudden interest in other girls.
  10. He gets annoyed when you ask where he was.
  11. You meet him with another girl, although he must be in another place.
  12. You caught him kissing another girl.
  13. He admitted to cheating on you.
  14. He has lost interest in you.
  15. He hides his «adventures» on the Internet.
  16. He does not answer the phone when you are near.

So, when you have read all of these signs and you aware of how to catch your cheating guy, there are some advices for you.

How to catch your boyfriend cheating

  • If he cheats on you, you must part with him.
  • Do not let him know about you spying on him until you know the truth.
  • If you think that he is cheating on you, and you have the proof, ask him about it. He may continue lying to you. If he does, he won't be looking in your eyes when answering.
  • Do not rely only on assumptions, otherwise, you will face serious difficulties in your relationship.
  • Make sure that he does not suspect that you are following him.

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  1. Never assume that your boyfriend is cheating on you unless you have proof. Perhaps he is loyal to you, and you only ruin a good relationship.
  2. Do not think much. Sit down and talk quietly with him. Perhaps he has some problems in his life now.
  3. Try to spend more time together. If he does not want and says that he is busy, without a good reason, it means that he avoids you.
  4. Even if the behavior of your boyfriend fits these criteria, it still does not mean that he is cheating.
my boyfriend is cheating on me

An easy way to be sure, that your boyfriend is honest with you

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