How to catch a cheating girlfriend

Your relationship has developed the way you dreamed, but lately, something strange has happened to your girlfriend. She behaves differently, she became more irritable (or vice versa). Did she get a lover? How to catch a cheating girlfriend? There are a number of signs pointing to this.

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Signs, that your girlfriend cheats on you

Unfortunately, it is difficult to list all possible signs of cheating, because there are quite a lot of them. But these are usually enough to find out if your beloved is cheating on you or not.

She has less time for you

Your girlfriend began to spend less time with you? Find out why, because it is possible that she has someone on the side and maybe she is cheating on you. You should be aware and try to discover the truth. But do not rush with conclusions, because she can just prepare a surprise for you.

She lost interest to you

Does your spouse not just spends less time with you, but she has lost any interest in you? There is less sex, grumbling, quarreling from scratch, she looks at you with her eyes full of love no more, and only sometimes glances from under her brows? Probably, she had someone else to whom she gives all the affection, these are very evident signs of cheating. Although, of course, this is not the only reason why the attitude towards you has changed. Maybe you have offended her recently and forgot to ask for forgiveness.

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Calls and SMS

Your girlfriend started talking more often on the phone, she quickly jumps up to take the phone first, goes to the bath with it. Messages are constantly written, and when you take her phone (which she tries not to let go of her hands), then it is empty - no messages nor call records. This is also a real sign to suspect your girlfriend is cheating.

Catch your girlfriend cheating online

Watching after herself even too much

Your girlfriend began to spend more time for herself, updated her wardrobe, changed her makeup to a franker one. Even if you just need to go to the market for bread, she's doing the makeup. This is another indirect sign of infidelity.


If your spouse has made a lover for herself, she may well unconsciously adopt some habits that have never been characteristic of you or her. In the lexicon of your girlfriend, there may appear new buzzwords or whole phrases, which she borrowed from someone else.

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